Our street

This is a view of our street from the attic window. It’s a little old mill village – you can just make out the mill in left side. It’s on a small hill in the bottom of the valley so in winter it doesn’t get much sun in fact some days it just skirts over the top.


This Is looking out of the back window to the older cottages built about 1840 when the mill was new and needed workers on hand.


There is a bus once or twice a day through the village, we live between the main roads to Meltham and Holmfirth so there are more buses if you walk up to the main roads.


We live about two and a half miles out of Huddersfield but this is a little village detached from the rest of the West Yorkshire suburbia with a river, a cricket field, allotments and almost surrounded by woods. Yesterday I heard a cuckoo here. Most unusual!


6 thoughts on “Our street

  1. Nice to read the second blog – unfortunately the photos don’t appear (just tiny blue boxes) so just have to imagine the scene for now!


  2. Lovely reminder of a familiar place to which I am greatly attached. And I like the change of title 🙂 and the re-blog. I knew that my life was going to be enriched by your blogs. and so it is. Thank you Ann


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