The Guardian: farewell to a great editor

That's How The Light Gets In

I’m not sure exactly when I began to be a regular reader of the Guardian – certainly soon after starting at university in 1967. But I had always appreciated investigative journalism and good newspaper design: at home in the sixties I would read The Sunday Times, excited by its colour magazine and relishing the work of the Insight investigative team. When Harold Evans took over as editor in 1967 his appointment simply confirmed the newspaper’s status as the leader in investigate reporting, photojournalism and elegant design.

I feel the same way now about the period of Alan Rusbridger’s editorship of the Guardian which began in February 1995 and ended with his retirement on Saturday. Under Rusbridger, the Guardian won newspaper of the year four times at the British Press Awards and last year it became the first UK newspaper to win the Pulitzer Prize for the Edward Snowden revelations about US state surveillance.

Alan Rusbridger in 1995 Alan Rusbridger in 1995

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