Back from the Isles

We have been away in Scotland for a few days travelling about a few of the islands. We went from Kennacraig on the Mull of Kintyre across to Port Ellen on Islay. We wild camped there three nights and during the day hopped across to Jura and to Colonsay. It is difficult to find anywhere better on the earth than Scotland with its perfect mix of sky, water, mountain, land. Every day is a delight for the eye and the soul.

Islay is a beautiful island with 9 distilleries if you are interested in whisky. At one end is Port Nahaven, a pretty little village lying in the sun with a tiny harbour. We met the postmaster at the post office and we met a local woman who owned a croft, her husband was working in a boat at the harbour.


Colonsay was my favourite island- incredibly fertile and sheltered, very friendly people and beautiful beaches. You can walk to the next island from Colonsay- just across the Strand- a stretch of sand between the two islands. I loved the track covered in seaweed.

Beach on Colonsay
Patterns in the sand
Patterns in the sand
The Strand between Oronsay and Colonsay


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