Day Eleven Photo101 A Pop of Colour

I was very taken with the colour red in use on the ferries around the Scottish islands for various bits of equipment around the decks.

Also the use of this beautiful sea green blue colour on the lifeboat cradle and other parts of the  boats.

At Port Nahaven on Isla the cottages are all painted white, then some edged in red to create a startling contrast.


9 thoughts on “Day Eleven Photo101 A Pop of Colour

      1. Ours is currently named Blue Moon- he came from the shelter with the name & he’s already four years old- but we’re tentatively trying to get him to switch over to Boomer instead.


      2. How is he taking to the transition? We’ve just thrown in Boomer as a nickname for now, to see if he picks it up… It’s awkward introducing your dog with someone else’s name… It’s extra awkward for us, as everyone says, “oh, like the beer!” My toddler, who’s learning to talk, looooves saying Blue Moon, though, so it’ll stay on, even if it’s just a family nickname!


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