I will never write about football because I have other interests that take up my time at the moment. My Dad was quite a football fan although he didn’t have a season ticket. On a Saturday afternoon we would listen to the pools results- it was boring and seemed to go on for hours but it had a strangely enticing rhythm to it. I have been to football matches occasionally and have seen Huddersfield Town play at Wembley, this was a family event and very enjoyable. There was a great sense of excitement and anticipation and we were all part of a whole wishing our team to do well.

Teaching young children to play football was always fun, I used to take the team to matches at other schools. I remember one of the boys who played in goal, he never got upset if he let a goal in and the other boys shouted at him. Its a particular skill being a goalkeeper and he had just the right character for it.

Henry on the ball
Henry on the ball

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