Day fifteen. Landscape

On our trip to Scotland I took quite a few landscape photos. They are a favourite but always difficult to get really good ones.  I added the skyscape too as I took it this week and it’s so dramatic!

Port Nahaven on Islay
Ferry terminal on Colonsay, Scotland
Evening sky in the village. Armitage Bridge
Port Charlotte on Islay


14 thoughts on “Day fifteen. Landscape

  1. They are great photos, and such a different landscape to what I have ever seen. I’d love to go there sometime in the future and experience all those little villages….perhaps on my trip to the UK next year!

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    1. Scotland is so beautiful. I like Arran particularly, they call it Scotland in miniature as it has mountains at one end and is flatter at the other. Hope you make it! And of course Iona is a favourite too, a tiny island off Mull.

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      1. I am from Scotland originally, the Scottish Borders (born in Peebles) but have never been so far north; it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.


      1. I would love someday to see Scotland for myself. My Dad’s family came from there about five generations ago. Until “someday” arrives pictures like yours help to quell the longing temporarily.


  2. Really wonderful photos – feel like you’re creating a distinctive photographic ‘voice’ (or should that be ‘vision”?!)/ I like the fact that you are using a smaller palette of colours and the photos are beginning to have a more poetic feel – more please!

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