Day 20 Triumph and Contrast

Triumph is learning to play the Melodeon at the age of 60 and playing it in public!

My Melodeon is a Dino Baffetti which I got in January this year. I have played it at local music sessions and I am enjoying the challenge of learning new tunes. Its not like a camera because you can’t go home and process the result of your creativity – the effect is immediate and you have to hope it comes out right. Lots of practice and hopefully muscle and ear memory.

Melodeon playable edges

7 thoughts on “Day 20 Triumph and Contrast

  1. Love your post! Learning to play an instrument and in public too a bit later in life than most would ever consider!! Good job!! I think our resident, songwriter and music man http://midimike.com/ would be proud of you too! Loving the music of our “neighborhoods!” blessings, denise


  2. I started learning ukulele this year as an adult & we’ve performed in public too – it’s certainly been a challenge with some victories 🙂 I love to hear about people taking up hobbies as adults. My mother had a friend who took up the art of etching (printmaking) in her 90’s – more power to us all. Enjoy playing!


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