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Hooray! Finished Photo101!

I am very sad to come to the end of the daily photo challenge as I have learnt a lot and enjoyed all the different challenges. It has given me a chance to review and process some of the photos I took recently and has stretched me also and allowed me to look at things in a different way. Alongside the photography I have continued to adapt my blog and learn how to add other features. It has been great to get comments from other people and to look at some great photography on other sites. We learn from one another. Thanks to my friend Roy or Radical Rambler who set me off on this path!

Favourite pictures- definitely working with glass. As it happens it was an unusually hot day here in England and the light was very strong- perfect for seeing it through glass.

Light through bottles on the table!
Light through bottles on the table!

I was very pleased with the landscape from Scotland which I processed in Lightroom.

Port Charlotte on Islay, Scotland
Port Charlotte on Islay, Scotland

The edge task was quite a challenge and will put some more thought into this one but I took a picture of the Velux windows in the attic and in mono this seems very attractive.

Window in the attic
Window in the attic

I liked the one of the dresser downstairs too, I was playing with the aperture to see how the focus changes but the result is pleasing.


Early pictures of the dog in the meadow and the allotment reflect a very special time for us here when everything is growing like mad and becoming very green and lush, blue skies, buttercups, meadow what could be nicer?

Its been a great month- most enjoyable. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Hooray! Finished Photo101!

  1. Have really enjoyed the writing and images along with the variety of subject matter – hope you continue in a similar vein now that the course is over 🙂

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  2. I am torn between the glass and the landscape for my favorites, but they are all great! I had a really hard time with edge- you did a great job finding things for that theme, though!


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