Blogging 201: Day One Set Three Goals

  1. Define my blogging reason for being.
  2. Link up with other bloggers, comment usefully and build blogging bridges!
  3. Learn to use more of the links, widgets, etc the technical parts of making my blog look beautiful and interesting!


An English garden from the conservatory

Posting every day will encourage me to  practise my blogging skills. I am going to be using my iPad for this which will be a challenge as things are more hidden! My blog will be –

A journal with Life Writing

A photographic record of place and time

Time to work through things that interest me and to find out more about other people and how they travel through life.



8 thoughts on “Blogging 201: Day One Set Three Goals

  1. Hi Ann, you seem to have started on your first goal, defining your blog. I found my blog is a good tool for maintaining a record of time and place; using photos to record what is happening in my life. The most unexpected outcome of 101 was the encounters with bloggers with lifestyles completely alien to mine and engaging with them – you have worded that better than I – finding out more about people and their journey through life.


      1. Thank you. Glad 201 is only running for two weeks! work does get in the way of blogging. I’ve had great fun trying out different things when taking shots and in cropping and editing.


  2. Interesting aims for your course – look forward to reading more as the days pass. It’s also good to read the comments left by other bloggers on your page – what a creative and supportive little community!


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