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Markyate is in Hertfordshire in England. It used to be a coaching stop on the road to London from Birmingham and the road through the village became the main A5. It was Watling Street the old Roman road which goes from St Albans to Dunstable.  Now there is a bypass, it was built in 1955. 

The village still bears the marks of its coaching past. There are many high archways leading into yards that would have been for coach and horses with stabling at the back. 


There are cobbled yards and beautiful brickwork walls around. 

The name Markyate comes from two Old English words, mearc and geat, meaning Gate at the Boundary. The boundary being the Hertfordshire/Bedfordhire border.

There are signs of the trades and facilities that were prevalent in the coaching era. Dairy, blacksmith, wheelwright, innkeepers, etc. 


In fact there were forty inns along the main road. Now there are two. 

The Swan

The village has some beautiful old houses with evidence of some old timber frames. 




There is the traditional brick and Flint used for walls and houses. 

brick and flint wall with gate

 There are also some lovely windows. 
The village is surrounded by farmland at the moment growing wheat and rapeseed amongst other crops. There are beautiful hedges full of cherry and sloes and hawthorn. 


paths around the village
wheat field
The fields are full of flints. 

There was originally a nunnery here and this kissing gate is the remaining evidence of one end of the nunnery. 

kissing gate

The red post box is on the corner of Corner Wood. 

   The yew trees line the path in the graveyard.

  At the moment more houses are being built in Markyate. It is just off the M1, near to Luton, St Albans, and the train line to London. 
A lovely place to live! 


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