Things I like

Things I like!

  • Dancing! Almost any kind will do. Creative contemporary is a favourite. Currently a Morris dancer also. Leading a Gentle Movement class today. Dancing is a freedom. 
  • Hummus! I love hummus. With fresh bread from the handmade bakery. Olives. Leaves from the allotment. Roasted peppers with garlic. Beetroot. Sun
  • Sunshine! Not too hot though. Sitting on the allotment in the sun. Or the cricket field. Or at the side of the campervan. Sun in the winter through glass. Sunlight through the attic window. 
  • Light! Not always the same as sun… Light in life. Light in words. Light in action. Be open to new light. 
  • Being open. People who are open minded who can take on new ideas new ways. Trying to keep open, to not close down and harden, become brittle, that’s difficult! 
  • WALKING! We live in such an amazing spot for walking. Moors and woodland on our doorstep.  
    Mag Wood
  • Family. The most important element of my life at the moment. Grandchildren are the best thing!
  • Exploring. Getting away from home. Getting on the road. Seeing new things. Finding out about places. Learning more about Britain and its history.   

5 thoughts on “Things I like

  1. all this and Mag Wood, I went for my first walk in Armo through there, though I don’t think I ever knew it’s name, and also the scene of Heidi’s disappearance the first day I had her. hmm I wonder if you could write my list for me? I guess it would be pretty accurate. let’s see…


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