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Why is writing so much harder for me than it is for everyone else?

Holly had decided that what she needed was a week’s writing retreat.

She had never been away on her own but generally enjoyed her own company and was intrigued as to how she would manage on her own for a week. She chose a little cottage in Robin Hoods Bay with a blue door and a sea view.


She decided to divide her day up into various components- exercise, meditation, writing, eating/relaxing. First thing in the morning she dressed in comfortable clothes and completed a few rounds of yoga stretches and twists on the carpet in the bedroom. She couldn’t concentrate as the view from the window compelled her instead to stand and contemplate the wide open sky full of grey clouds scudding quickly across the space. Grabbing her coat she set off along the little path in front of the cottages which led down to the steep cobbled path leading into the main village street.


It was early spring and the light was so welcome after a dismal and dreary winter. The tide was out. The wide sandy bay beckoned. There were a few dog walkers, a few fossil hunters. Holly pulled her coat tight around her body and leaned into the wind. This week was going to be easy! She would have loads of ideas for writing and she would easily manage with her own company!

Friday arrived and Holly checked her pages in her notebook.


Not a single word, just a fresh sheet of hand made notepaper looking back at her and waiting, still waiting. Her arms felt heavy, she sighed, “Why is writing so much harder for me than it is for everybody else?’.


6 thoughts on “Why is writing so much harder for me than it is for everyone else?

  1. Holly’s story sounds like my yesterday, and the day before. But the day before that I drafted a chapter that I faced off with every day for the previous week. Stay with it Holly. And share some of that handmade paper when you can 😉


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