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Dear Jeremy

Dear Jeremy Corbyn

Well done for your first few weeks in post as leader of the Labour Party! It must have been a roller coaster for you. I was very glad to see in some of the photos that your son Seb was helping with your campaign to be leader. It was very touching to see him flattening down your hair before meeting the public at a rally in August. It must be great to have that support and for it to be someone who can do that very simple thing of reaching out to touch you – literally!

You will have had a very difficult time over the last months because of the way the press reports on you and what you are doing. We have been so impressed with your very genuine responses to questions. I really hope you are able to let other people in your team take some of the limelight and the work off you so that you can focus on the job of being leader of the Opposition. We have not had an effective opposition for years.

Most pleasing of all has been your stance on using nuclear weapons. Speaking with real clarity and feeling you have said that if you were Prime Minister you would never push the button to order a nuclear attack on another country. Good for you! Good to hear! As a pacifist and someone who has protested against the use of nuclear weapons over nearly forty years how refreshing and sensible to hear a party leader saying this. And since then other people in the media also saying very clearly that we do not need the nuclear deterrent.

I very much hope that you will be able to affect a change in the way we do politics to make it more inclusive, to make society more equal and to consider all people in our community, not just the ones with land, money or influence.


You can read my blog about Faslane Missile Base here


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