Going to a funeral makes you appreciate life!

Ann Kathryn Smith
Born in Birmingham in 1954
She came up to Yorkshire in 1972 to go to teacher training college and fell in love with the hills and dales of Yorkshire. She always loved walking and dancing and those activities threaded throughout her life.
She met and married Mel in 1982 and had three children Katy, Alastair and Megan and had a very happy life in Beaumont  Park getting to know the neighbours and their children enjoying the park and getting to know Huddersfield.
Her mother was Welsh and her father was Scottish and she was brought up in the Quaker meeting in Cotteridge in Birmingham.
When her young family arrived and she was a long way from the rest of her family, her sister, brother and parents, she became a member of Huddersfield Quaker meeting. She served the meeting well in all the positions of responsibility being overseer and elder for many years and also clerk. She realised during the Iraq war that her service to Quakers was as an activist and pacifist and in the Faslane 365 campaign she was arrested and put into a police cell overnight as were many other Quakers at the time.
She worked as a teacher and latterly worked in the NHS.

When she met Robin she realised that they had many things in common particularly an interest in a nonviolent approach to life. They worked to bring people together in many different ways and at many different events. They were founder members of Huddersfield Town Of Sanctuary. Ann loved Scotland and they were able to visit many times.

Ann had many interests and was  lucky enough to have many friends who also had many different interests. In later years she returned to her love of dance and started a group for gentle movement with the U3A in Holmfirth and she also began to take photographs and was keen to learn how to do photography well.
When she retired from work her focus became the family and she spent a lot of time visiting her children and grandchildren and also her two nieces.
Her mother taught her not to make a fuss but just to make the best of life and get on with things.
She had a great enthusiasm for different things as she went through her life and shared her enthusiasms with the people around her.


2 thoughts on “Going to a funeral makes you appreciate life!

  1. that took me by surprise and had to read it three times before I realised what you had done. At my first read I thought it was someone you knew, I mean a friend of yours, and I thought how sad of someone so young- not even the names of the children registered. Only towards the end, when you mentioned the U3A did I start puzzling over the piece and went back again and reread, but still not fully comprehending!

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  2. Ha! After being at Barbara’s funeral on Friday I decided to write my own obituary! Its pretty boring so I need to go back and work on it, like they do in the newspapers but I liked the idea that I would at least get it right! Funny to write it as if you are looking at the person though!

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